Email: katie [dot] elizabeth [dot] ray [at] gmail [dot] com

Location: Fukuyama, Japan

Hiroshima-ken, a prefecture in Japan

Fukuyama-shi, a city in Hiroshima-ken


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  2. Hi Katie. My name is Kate Nichols, and I’m an incoming SHS ALT in Fukuyama-shi. I’ve been researching Fukuyama-shi a great deal, and stumbled upon your blog. I’m beyond excited to move to Japan — and thought I’d say hello on here!

    • Hi Kate–thanks for saying hello! I didn’t realize you and all the incoming SHS JETs knew your locations! The girls who are leaving Fukuyama don’t know their successors yet, but I hear they will find out and be able to contact you this week. I am so excited to meet you and take you all around Fukuyama! In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions. You can email and/or Facebook me–whichever you prefer!

  3. Hi Kate, I am having the same problem as you concerning Flickr pictures not showing the most recent pictures on my wordpress blog. It seems like you resolved the problem. I can’t find any help. What have you done exactly?

    • Hi there. For some reason, there is just a delay… quite a long one. But, if you give it a few hours or so, the recently uploaded Flickr pictures will appear on your blog! Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I suppose in this case, patience really is a virtue!

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