Marathon motivation

On Nov. 3, I ran the Hiroshima Peace Marathon. Before you congratulate me, the marathon was not actually a marathon. It was a 10K. That being said, running 10 kilometers (or six miles for those of us who need a conversion) is not exactly the easiest thing for me to do. However, on Saturday morning, I laced up my running shoes and, fortunately, the day was perfect for a long run.


Hiroshima Marathon1 Hiroshima Marathon2

After the race, there was a short period where I had zero motivation to exercise. However, with ominous signs of winter in the air, I decided to join a gym. For the past year, I have been jogging around Fukuyama and exercising in my tiny apartment. I have had to position myself strategically to avoid hitting the light fixture or kicking my desk.

So, along with all the grandpas in my town, I started going to the gym. I am assuming all the young people are at salarymen status and are too busy to use it. But, regardless, I am happy that I can now workout indoors. In January and February, I will be even happier when my sweat isn’t freezing and I am sticking to some of my New Year’s resolutions!


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