Water, water everywhere, but not a drop from Thailand

The rainy season is not as bad as it may sound. And, would you like to know why? Because… “It’s raining men! Hallelujah! It’s raining men!”

Actually, it’s not raining men. But, if it were, I would prefer that they be tall, dark and handsome men. They would even be wearing black-rimmed glasses and flannels. A girl can dream.

Unfortunately, it’s raining rain—big drops of relentless, sideways rain. The ponds and rice paddies are basically overflowing and there is a permanent puddle on my doorstep. There is water and more water everywhere, but not a drop of it is crystal blue or for swimming—which has finally encouraged me to write about my trip to Thailand. Better late than never.

During May, there are three Japanese national holidays that fall in the same week. This week is called Golden Week. So, seeing an opportunity for a tropical vacay, I took a few days off of work and spent the week on my future honeymoon. Only this time—I was with two of my best girlfriends—so there was more shopping, tanning, drinking cocktails, dancing and shall I continue? Probably not.

After spending a solid 16 or so hours weathering a storm in China’s Guangzhou Airport, there were blue skies and even bluer waters for the remainder of our trip. From Bangkok, we flew to Koh Samui and ferried to our final destination—Koh Phangan. Here, we reached the nirvana of beach mode.

Our days consisted of eating breakfast and drinking coffee on the beach, relaxing under shades of straw and floating in the turquoise water. In between all this relaxing, we explored the beach, adopted a Thai daughter and ate the most delicious food I have ever eaten in my life. Essentially, I ate pad Thai, tom yum soup and spring rolls for every meal. Then I followed it with either mango juice, Diet Coke or Chang beer. Pretty sure, I would never get tired of that meal.

Along with the beautiful beaches and to-die-for-food, Koh Phangan is also known for its infamous beach and jungle parties. If you can somehow imagine a jungle clearing or beach shoreline with multiple deejays pumping jams; vendors selling sand buckets as cups—each equipped with a mini bar inside it; and thousands of people down to party; then—your imagination has only just begun to grasp the situation.

Island parties put the fad of neon sorority mixers to shame.

Fortunately, after each night spent in the jungle or on a beach, we were always reunited the following morning, dignity somewhat intact, ready for another day on the beach. I’m not sure when I’ll go again, but I cannot wait to be back in Thailand. Until then, I will have a blue-water daydream to add to my repertoire of raining men.


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