Everyone has favorites

I have never studied proper teaching behavior. But, from careful observation during the last 18 years of my life, I have learned a lot about teachers. Among traits such as motivational and encouraging, teachers should also be fair. However, teachers are only human. So, sometimes, they may deviate from this path of expected behavior and choose a favorite student. Or two.

I am no exception. I am young. I am impressionable. As a result, if a student brings me “omiyage” (a souvenir) from her spring break trip or gives me chocolate on White Day, I will most likely add him or her to my mental list of favorite students. Having your name on this list usually ensures that I will remember your name and give you an extra big smile when passing you in the hallway. Clearly, being nice to me pays off.

Other than souvenirs and sweets, I also like compliments. Therefore, if you would like to be added to the aforementioned list, please refer to the following speech and do your best to replicate it. You also may need to change your nationality, forget English and enroll in a Japanese high school. Or, I could create another mental list for my favorite people in general. I’ll see what I can do.

Compliments such as “Ms. Kaity is interesting and cute,” “Ms. Kaity looked to smile is fun,” and “English is oat,” are irrefutable methods of winning my heart. Also, it helps that this student struggles with English, but always has a positive attitude and enjoys learning. His extra effort was a simple and humorous reminder of the joys of teaching in Japan.

So, get to writing people. I expect 40 words of flattery and you will forever be on my list of favorites.


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