Easter hopped to Japan

Taking form of my wonderful mother, the Easter bunny hopped his way to Japan. Even though I did not get to search for an Easter basket, a nice Japanese post man delivered an Easter basket box to my doorstep. He did forget to wear his bunny ears and give me hints as to where he hid my basket. But, if I had been given the task of searching transpacific flights or ships and listening to directions in Japanese, I may not have ever located my box of delicious and dainty Easter goodies.

Delivering Reese’s peanut butter eggs, Starbursts, Cadbury creme eggs and a few spring essentials, he truly out-hopped himself this year. (Thank you Mom–I love you!) I am looking forward to warm weather so I can venture out in my new, ruffly Easter apparel. Unfortunately, this does not exactly correlate with eating a stash of fruity and chocolatey delights. However, somehow, I think I will find a way to manage.

Along with my Easter box, I was able to enjoy the spring holiday under the blooming cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossom trees may not be the palms of Palm Sunday, but they certainly are a beautiful and symbolic representation of spring. The trees began blooming this weekend–just in time for Easter. So, my holiday may have lacked sunrise service, Jello eggs and sausage biscuits, but the pink and white blooms were just what I needed to lift my spirits for spring!


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