Miss America: Explanation

The other day I was thinking (occasionally this does happen) and came to the conclusion that perhaps I should write not only about my debonair daily life and my jovial weekend gallivants, but also about the less-than-ideal aspects of my Japanese life. I have decided to title these posts, Miss America. Not because I want world peace (which I suppose I do—so, crown me), but because these posts will most likely come from my sparkly tiara-of-an idea of what life should be—no matter where I am living.

Here I am doing my American thing. Not exactly a “Miss America” type-of-thing, but close enough.

It has taken eight months for this idea to even cross my mind. So, clearly, most aspects of my life are quite enjoyable. But, this will give me a chance to vent about the little things I miss from home and remind y’all not to take them for granted. I will be the first to admit, these posts will make me sound like a diva/princess/beauty queen, but I hope both you and I can see the humor in each situation. The posts may happen once a week or once a month—depending on how frequently I have these moments of weakness. First up: dryers.


3 thoughts on “Miss America: Explanation

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