Oh my, Otaru

During our trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival, we visited a city called Otaru. Because Otaru is simply a skip and a 45 minute train ride away from Sapporo, it is a very popular destination for travelers of this winter wonderland. Even though Otaru is relatively large, it has small-town, welcoming vibes. So, naturally, I loved it and think it deserves its own blog post.

Coinciding with the Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru hosts a festival of its own. Hundreds of candles and lanterns line the paths and light up the snow. With so many dimly-lit snow-shaped hearts, in theory, Otaru could have been quite romantic. But, instead of a romantic stroll, I ventured around the town with some of my best girlfriends. Maybe next year, I’ll see if snow has romantic potential, or, if it is just plain cold.

Also, given that it is on the coast, Otaru sells a lot of fresh seafood. As I am only accustomed to reeling in bass, brim and the occasional catfish, I was completely intrigued by all the strange sea animals.

However, rather than slicing an urchin or cracking a lobster, we decided to have our cake and drink coffee, too. Ironically, a quiet cafe that played French radio proved to be the perfect ending to our visit to the port town of Otaru.


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