An exciting decision

Somehow, February has come and gone before I could even give it a friendly hello. Perhaps those two extra days on a month really do make a difference. Even so, this month has not only been full of school events and weekend trips (which, rest assured, I will catch you up on), but also a big decision.

After endlessly weighing the pros and cons with my supportive parents and yapping to my friends night and day, I have officially made the decision to stay in Japan for another year.

As of today, I have been in Japan for seven months. Even though seven months sounds like a significant amount of time, it feels as if I have only been here for seven weeks(ish). I know my sense of time seems absolutely warped, but time really has passed so quickly. Maybe I have joined the ranks of old people who say stuff like that, or perhaps, time truly does fly when you’re having fun.

So, while I am having so much fun, I figure I might as well keep a good thing going. Thus far, I have learned so much about Japan and about myself. I love my students and I love my friends. Also, I love y’all. So, this basically means that the door to my mansion will be open to visitors for another year!


4 thoughts on “An exciting decision

  1. YEEEE HAAAA!!!!

    Wonderful decision!

    The tough one is between year 2 & 3. Where do you want to go in life and with WHOM are important questions.

    My personal advice is to travel far and wide while you are young and fully able. Carpe Diem!

    I landed a new job in Nagoya so c’mon down!

    Oh, if you haven’t already, get the MAGIC JACK for free calls to landlines and cell phones back home in the U.S. and also for Canada. It has been great for me 🙂

    Big hugs and big deep Japanese bows, too!

  2. Thanks Carlos!

    First of all, deep Japanese bows to you for coming up with such a great synonym for sincerely. I may just have to start using that phrase in my everyday life. Also, welcome back to Japan! I would love to venture to Nagoya sometime. I hope you are enjoying your new job and getting settled!


  3. Hi there, I happened across your blog today doing a search for Fukuyama and just want to wish you all the best.

    I’ve been to Fukuyama a lot over the years as my Japanese grandparents live there and am looking forward to seeing them again in July. Glad you’re enjoying yourself somewhere I have such fond memories of.

    Keep it up! Cheers, Lisa

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