Falling up

Today I had an uncontrollable case of the giggles. It all started when I was walking up the stairs to the English office. Actually, it was more of a fast paced hopping (if that is relevant). However, when I reached the second to last stair, I was feeling a little morning coffee jolt and decided I would take my hopping to the next level of what I formally refer to as bounding.

Lo and behold, I do not have the bounding skills of an antelope (or of a pug for that matter) and therefore, tripped on the stair, dropped my suitcase of a briefcase and sent my daily English newspaper flying through the air. Then, both myself and the one lucky witness burst into uncontrollable laughter. This is of course after he asked me, “daijoubu desu ka?” And, that’s when I realized that falling up the stairs or in a pool or down an escalator is universally hilarious. Unfortunately, only one student was able to witness Katie-teacher’s morning poise and grace. Although, I am sure they will all hear about it.

With the thought of the one English document in the entire school flying through the air, I then proceeded to incidentally let out small bursts of laughter during the morning staff meeting. My inability to control my laughter continued all day. One of my classes played charades. Hilarious. My students attempting to speak English. Hilarious. My serious incompetency for Japanese. Hilarious. The girl on the train who was wearing a yellow toboggan and a red jacket (who, to me, resembled a slender and Japanese version of Winnie the Pooh slash Pooh-san). Hilarious.

Don’t ask me why. I know these things are not funny to anyone in his or her right mind. But, I am certainly not complaining. Who knew that falling up the stairs would be the precursor to a fabulous day? Not I.


7 thoughts on “Falling up

  1. You have officially labeled yourself a Southerner by calling what all Canadians (people who actually wear them) call a “toque” and what the rest of the english speaking world calls a hat… a toboggan. I know of only one other person whoever called it a toboggan and they were from Georgia. FYI a toboggan is a sled like device for riding down hills of snow… not something you wear on your head 🙂

  2. Hmmm. I see where some confusion could be induced. But, I have a few questions. What is snow? What is a sled? And finally, what is Canada? Hah. Kidding. I will try to work on my winter vocabulary for you! I haven’t seen you or the family in AGES. Let’s change it.

  3. Made me laugh too! I love those days when you get a kick out of yourself and you carry the ridiculous joy with you! Loved this posting.

    • Thanks Debbie! It’s quite difficult to describe the reasoning behind such joy–but when it comes to joy, I suppose it doesn’t matter if you can explain it! Hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Very Cute story Katie – I love it. I had a case of uncontrollable giggles in church yesterday during a very somber “Requium” service – Forrest had me in tears, and I couldn’t stop. I guess that was my religion for the day.

    We are loving your stories, and sending you a big hug from the Pratson’s,

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