Sammie Blue

Many of the finer things in life come in a shade of blue: blueberries, blue ribbons, blue suede shoes, Carolina blue [insert any noun here] and now, my blue bicycle–fondly named Sammie Blue.

Sammie Blue is named after the Japanese national soccer team, often referred to as Samurai Blue.

Now, don’t let the light shade of blue, charming brown leather seat and shiny basket fool you–Sammie Blue ferociously wanders the streets of Fukuyama. Equipped with a light and a bell, he is the perfect companion for evening errands and day time adventures.

So basically, I am very excited about this recent purchase. Bicycles are an extremely common mode of transportation in Japan. Owning a bicycle will not only make daily activities more convenient, but will also expand my world in and around Fukuyama.


One thought on “Sammie Blue

  1. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures that await you and Sammie Blue!! So excited that you are now an official bike owner in Japan!! Love you, Nana

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