Konnichiwa from Japan

Konnichiwa! About a week ago I safely touched down in Japan. Since, I have been through a whirlwind of orientations, introductions and adjustments. First off–I spent three days in Tokyo with a large group of first-year JET participants. Orientation involved seminar after seminar about culture, etiquette, lesson planning, budgeting, team teaching and community involvement. Although tiring and slightly overwhelming–it was a great way to meet other JETs, gallivant around the city and most importantly, prepare for a new life in Japan.

JETs come from literally all over the world. In Hiroshima prefecture there are representatives from America (woot woot!), South Africa, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and New Zeland–just to name a few. Here are a few of the lovely first-year Hiroshima prefecture JETs:

Placed throughout the prefecture, each individual lives on his or her own and has varying experiences and situations. For example, some live in urban areas and others in rural; some teach in elementary and junior high schools and others in senior high schools. After orientation in Tokyo, we said farewell to the city, boarded yet another plane and flew to Hiroshima.

Up next: The first few days in Fukuyama-shi, my new home away from home!


2 thoughts on “Konnichiwa from Japan

  1. Hey Katie Ray!!! So excited to see your new home and your new friends. While small your place looks cozy and homey already! Hope you will like your school and students when you meet them. All is well here – we are all getting ready to go back to school – Haley starts moving Aug. 13 and classes start the 17th. Sarah goes to boone on Aug. 17, i will take a load of her stuff on Aug. 20 and her classes start on the 23. I go back to Grady brown on the 18th and our students come the 25. so we will be in school soon. Glad you are having fun and getting adjusted – we miss you, but are so happy for all the excitment and experiences you will have! Love you bunches, Nana

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