Sayōnara to the states

Sayōnara, adios and annyeong are all words used to express goodbye. Over the next year, not only will I be teaching English in Japan, but two friends (basically my other siblings) will also be teaching English in South Korea and Spain.

I’m sure I can speak on their behalf and say that we are all thrilled to adventure into the unknown, live amongst new cultures and make the best of unique opportunities. What may be less obvious is that we are also thrilled to have the support and encouragement of family and friends (a.k.a.: anyone who cares enough to read this). Your support was obvious at the sayōnara party hosted by my awesome mom. Friends, family and community members gathered at our house to wish the three of us good luck. Oh, and it goes without saying that said party included hot dogs, potato salad, sweet tea and the best chocolate cake in the world (Japanese decorations included).

So, although sayōnara, adios and annyeong may, by definition, mean goodbye–to us, they really mean see you later. Thanks so much for all of your support and f.y.i. we may or may not have some leftover chocolate cake if anyone is interested!


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